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Emilia von Albertini

Emilia started to play violin at the age of five, receiving full support from her mother. Her first teacher was L. Tretyakova in Zurich, herself a student of Prof. Zakhar Bron. Since 2014 Emilia has been a student of A. Gilman in Zurich. She began giving concerts at a very early stage in her education, including solo performances with orchestra, and she has won first prizes in several internationally renowned competitions. Emilia lives in Zurich, where she also attends high school.


Emilia von Albertini

Instrument: Violin

Birthday: March 30th 2002

Place of birth: Germany


2014: First prize in the 15th International Valsesia Competition for Juniors, Italy

2012: First prize (“Grand Prix”) in the 5th International Competition for Young Violinists, Belgium

2011: Overall winner of the 9th International Competition “Luigi Zanuccoli,” Italy


2008 to 2012: Private tuition and masterclasses with Prof. Zakhar Bron

2008 to 2014: Zakhar Bron School of Music, Zurich

Since 2014: Student of Alexander Gilman, Zurich

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