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Newsletter LGT Young Soloists

  • The LGT Young Soloists Academy was founded by renowned violin soloist and teacher Alexander Gilman and pianist Marina Seltenreich. The students currently enrolled at the Academy are highly gifted and their performances have already earned them countless prizes in musical competitions.

    Alexander Gilman and Marina Seltenreich developed a unique musical education concept based on their own experiences. The Academy’s philosophy is centered around three core elements, which are designed to give the students the best possible foundations to prepare them for the tough and fiercely competitive life of a professional musician.

    The first core element is based on intensive daily one-to-one supervision of each individual student, with a focus on instrumental training as a soloist and chamber musician. Each student’s individual personality and development potential are taken into account in this training to optimum effect.

    The second core element involves allowing the students to put what they have learned into practice in the LGT Young Soloists ensemble. The unique opportunity to build up regular experience as a soloist with their own orchestra is invaluable to the students at this young age. Practical training in orchestral playing and chamber music also form part of this element.

    The third core element builds on the other two. This involves enabling the students to gain practical experience from an early stage and thus develop their stage presence and stability. To prepare them for professional life, the students take part in regular concert tours, undertake preparations for prestigious competitions and play in auditions held by conductors and leading concert organizers.

  • “What is special about the Academy is that we devote a great deal of time to each student. Our planning ensures that each student is taught according to his or her own needs.”

    Alexander Gilman
  • Working together on a bright future

    Alexander Gilman and Marina Seltenreich are also keen to encourage friendly, sociable interaction among the members of the Academy.

    "Musicians who pursue training as a soloist often led a socially sheltered and isolated lifestyle as children", says Alexander Gilman. "For years I have had to see children spend hours and hours practicing alone in their rooms from a very young age, with the aim of perhaps making it as a soloist one day. In many cases, these children do not get any pleasure out of life and, ultimately, out of music. These days, in particular, it is very important to integrate into the community and to be able to conduct healthy social relationships."

    This healthy integration into the world of music is ensured not only by playing music, traveling and performing concerts together, but also – most importantly of all – through a friendly, helpful and familial communal spirit within the Academy. A sense of togetherness therefore develops very naturally between the like-minded students, paving the way for a truly extraordinary journey of personal and musical development. The close communication between all the musicians leads to real, lifelong friendships, in contrast to the competitive rivalries commonly found elsewhere.

    Students graduating from the Academy are not only outstanding musicians; they are also familiar with the industry, have established their own extensive network and have already built up plenty of experience.

  • “Alexander Gilman is the most committed teacher I have ever met. I receive tuition every day. Marina Seltenreich and Alexander Gilman regularly discuss my targets and development with me, which is something I had never experienced before.”

    David Nebel