International Scales Mastery Competition
for Violin and Viola

Competiton Info

Dear aspiring young violinists and violists born after 1999,
We are thrilled to announce the world's first music competition dedicated exclusively to the mastery of scales — the International Scales Mastery Competition for Violin and Viola!

Why Scales? 

We firmly believe that scales form the foundation of a successful musician. They are essential for building finger strength and control, intonation, helping to develop technical proficiency and a deep understanding of musical structure and theory.

It should come as no surprise that the world’s most esteemed music colleges require all their students to complete a technical assessment that includes scales. Legendary artists such as Oistrakh, Menuhin, and Heifetz championed the importance of scales in daily practise as a means to develop one’s technique, and dedicated their lives to mastering this craft.

We aim to inspire young musicians to excel in their playing, by encouraging the practice of scales as a means to improve their technical foundation, and by extension giving them the means and flexibility to show their musicianship. Record yourself playing scales (full requirements below), and create a video that convinces us of your dedication.


This competition is not just about winning; it's about the joy of mastering scales and sharing your musical journey with the world. Scales are the building blocks of extraordinary musicianship, and we want you to embrace the challenge.


  • 1st Prize: 6.000 Euros & an invitation to appear as a soloist with the LGT Young Soloists
  • 2nd Prize: 3.000 Euros & an invitation to join the LGTYS in a test project 
  • 3rd Prize: 1.500 Euros & an invitation to join the LGTYS in a test project 

Application Process

  • Registrations for the competition will be available here starting from April 15th.
  • Fill out the required submission form below (form will be published on April 15th).
  • Record your unedited video following the guidelines.
  • Upload a link to your video (recommended through YouTube or Vimeo).
  • Submit your entry by June 17th.
  • Please note: active LGT Young Soloists members are excluded.

Video Requirements

Create an unedited video in one take.


  • Begin your video by introducing yourself.
  • Share 2-3 sentences about who you are.
  • Explain how you plan to use the prize money (e.g., master classes, summer festivals, instrument purchase).


  • Showcase your skill in playing three different scales of your choice.
  • Please submit only Major and Minor Scales; Chromatic or Pentatonic Scales are not required.
  • You must play at least one major and one minor scale.
  • For minor keys, you are free to choose whether to play your scale melodically, harmonically, or naturally based.
  • Each scale should be played with 4 notes, 8 notes, and 16 notes per bow stroke.
  • Include a full set of arpeggios with the same amount of octaves as the scale.
  • Each arpeggio should be played either 9 notes to a bow for 3 octaves, or 12 notes to a bow for 4 octaves.


  • At least one scale should be in the range of G to B, covering 4 octaves.
  • At least one scale should be in the range of C to F#, covering 3 octaves.


  • At least one scale should be in the range of C to E, covering 4 octaves.
  • At least one scale should be in the range of F to B, covering 3 octaves.


Good Luck to Everyone!
Let's make history together in celebrating the essence of musical excellence through the mastery of scales!