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Danielle Akta – Introducing Young Talent

Exceptional talent and hard work – Danielle Akta has already achieved much, considering her youth. Only a few days ago, she made her London debut at Barbican Hall.

Danielle Akta was born into a family of musicians in Israel in 2002. At the age of four, she began entreating her parents: having heard a recording of the great Jacqueline du Pré, Danielle knew only one goal – to be a cellist. Her parents tried to convince her that the trumpet would be a good choice. Rapid trumpet runs, they thought, would be a good fit for Danielle, who loves tempo. However, she was not to be dissuaded from the cello. Ever since, the sonorous instrument has been her constant companion. Anyone who has heard her in concert is fascinated by the soulful maturity and youthful virtuosity she brings to her playing. She herself compares the experience to flying. Even if Danielle is one of the cello’s great talents, she would not want to miss her work with the LGT Young Soloists. Here, she has the opportunity to make music with other teenagers – and, even more important, to cultivate friendships, for which her demanding regimen would otherwise not leave enough time.