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Samuel Weilacher – a young talent introduces himself

His great passion is the cello, his idol is Rostropowitsch, and his dream is to play the Cello Concerto No. 1 with the Berlin Philharmonic.

Samuel (15) was born into a musical home. His father is a pianist and his older sister plays the violin. He discovered his love of the cello at age five, and today his instrument accompanies him 365 days of the year. He has played regularly with other young musicians since childhood, and as a result, has developed an extraordinary sense for chamber music. Thanks to this and his fantastic sense of humor, he fits in wonderfully with the LGT Young Soloists. When it comes to practicing, Samuel has his own philosophy: practicing is the art of achieving complete ease through hard work, and being able to float over even the most difficult of passages. The reward for this hard work? Samuel has received multiple prizes from the German national competition “Jugend musiziert”, and in the spring of 2015, played with the ensemble for the first time on their concert tour in Asia.  And what does he do when he puts his cello down for a moment? He does some flying with a friend in a flight simulator. However, according to Samuel, life is generally enjoyable and at its best when his favorite dish, asparagus with herb pancake strips and Hollandaise sauce are served up at home.